A Review: Medicinally Important Nitrogen Sulphur Containing Heterocycles

The Open Medicinal Chemistry Journal 14 Sept 2020 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874104502014010049


Nitrogen sulphur containing heterocycles have specific properties due to which they can be used as a potential material in a different type of industries such as medicinal/pharmaceutical, paint, packing and textile, required for various chemical, physical operations and their use as products. Especially dyes, paint, agrochemicals, medicine, etc. make them more significant. In present days, Nitrogen-Sulfur heterocycles are repeatedly attracting the interest of chemists due to their exceptional bioactive behavior. The present study is a review of the work carried out by a chemist in the discovery of new, effective, medicinally important heterocyclic compounds. The present review basically focused on nitrogen-sulfur heterocycles of potential therapeutic interest, especially with thiazole, thiazine, pyrimidine, morpholine and piperazine heterosystems, benzothiazines, pyrazole-benzothiazines, morpholine-benzothiazines, piperazine-benzothiazines and pyrimidine-benzothiazoles, mainly due to their unique structural features, which enable them to exhibit a number of biological and pharmacological activities. Due to a novel mode of action, a broad spectrum of activity, lesser toxicity towards mammalian cells, and suitable profiles towards humans have triggered the use of Nitrogen Sulphur containing heterocycles in designing and synthesizing their derivatives with better properties. The overall objective of the review is to discuss the importance of novel biodynamic structurally diverse heterocycles of potential therapeutic interest: pyrimidine, morpholine, piperazine, pyrozole, benothiazoles, pyrimidobenzothiazoles, 4H-1,4-benzothiazines, pyrazolyl-benzothiazines, morpholinyl-benzothiazines and piperazinylbenzothiazines in order to have access to important commercial molecules for the search of better future.

Keywords: Pyrimidobenzothiazoles, Morpholinylbenzothiazines pharmacophores, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Benzothiazoles, Benzothiazines, Pyrazolylbenzothiazines, Piperainylbenzothiazines.
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