Nitrogen-containing heterocycles constitute an important division of organic chemistry. The structural and functional diversity in nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds emanates from the presence and nature of the heteroatom that optimizes the compound for a specific application. Nitrogen heterocycles have been found to mimic various endogenous metabolites and natural products, highlighting their pivotal role in current drug design. Their applications are manifold and are predominantly used as pharmaceuticals, corrosion inhibitors, polymers, agrochemicals, dyes, developers, etc. Additionally, their catalytic behavior has rendered these compounds notable precursors in synthesizing various important organic compounds. The rate at which nitrogen heterocycles are synthesized explains this organic chemistry domain's vitality and usefulness. The present review article focuses on nitrogen-containing heterocycles as a versatile scaffold for current applications of organic chemistry.

keyword: Heterocycles, Pharmaceuticals, Corrosion inhibitors, Polymers, Agrochemicals, Heteroatom.
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